WEDDING OFFICIANTS                                  


We perform weddings and marriage ceremonies in any location or circumstance, "inter-faith", "non-denominational", or "civil" ceremonies available.

And of course, we'd like to be the "wedding officiant" you choose to help you get married! 

Your wedding ceremony can be personalized and customized, with a complete individualized "script"  provided to you before your wedding. If you wish, we will tell the story of your love to your family and friends, in the way you want it to be remembered. We consult with each couple ahead of time and go over a wedding questionnaire.

We know you only have one time to get it "just right" (we canít come back and do it again).

Since it is YOUR wedding, it should include all the aspects of the ceremony that are meaningful to you. It can be as traditional or as personal and customized as you wish.

See the "Price Packages" page for details on our services. Mileage is included in all packages.


Video of Rev. Stephen Goodrum conducting wedding vows, rings and pronouncement.

Bee's Video



A Ceremony Reading at Petruzzellos in Troy




"Jumping the Broom" in the Presidential Suite, the First Wedding at the Motor City Casino Hotel, Detroit



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