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Summer Wedding at the Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor Michigan



Revs. Stephen M. & Donna Goodrum

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 Rev. Stephen Goodrum

Rev_Steve_AAI am an ordained minister (Presbyterian Church, USA 1979). I have been in teaching,  counseling, ministry and pastoral work with young people and their families for thirty years. Earned an M.A. degree in Family Counseling and an M.Div. in Biblical Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary and Ashland University. I have been officiating wedding ceremonies, memorial services and seminars in the community for over twenty years. My desire has always been to outreach to people in the community. I believe in the uniqueness and worth of every human being, whether they believe as I do or not. "God so loved the world..." which means everyone is favored (God doesn't play favorites).

For the past twelve years I have been one of the Adult Services Program Director for St. Vincent & Sara Fisher Center, coaching and teaching young fathers and moms, couples; their workers in recruitment, education, and support group development. I am a co-founder and member of the Michigan Fatherhood Coalition. Available for Wedding Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows. Baptism, Christenings and Dedications. Memorial Services, Workshops, Life Coaching, Team Building, and Consulting.

I am a certified Prepare/Enrich Marriage Counselor and have assisted couples in understanding their  relationship strengths and growth areas for twenty five years (see MarriageLicense page).


Rev. Donna Goodrum

Rev. Donna Goodrum

I am Steve's wife of thirty-five years, and I have assisted with rehearsals, ceremonies and community events in Southeast Michigan for over fifteen years. I am an ordained minister and a trained counselor in the Stephen's Ministry of St. Louis, Missouri, and an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

 I perform ceremonies in the Detroit Metro, Ann Arbor area and central Michigan. I have a heart for people and a talent for detail and organization. As well as being an assistant minister, I have managed and directed Supportive Independent Living Programs for Special Adults in Milford and Waterford.

 I have assisted Steve in churches and community programs for thirty years. We have two sons, both married (see the pictures below), so we understand the fun, the stress, and the planning that goes into making a wedding day The Day of your dreams, first for yourselves, and then for your families and friends. Our goal is to make your wedding about you, your relationship, and the love you have for each other.



Our Family: Our Two Sons and Daughters (in-law)

On Their Wedding Days,

And Our Wedding Day, 35 Years Ago.
















                                                                               Our younger son, Joshua & Dawn's wedding

Our older son, Michael & Deborah's wedding.






Our "First" Wedding in December of 1972!



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